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Open Day - Last Year

Just a few pictures from last year's open day

Fixtures and Results

The Club plays a number of friendly matches with local clubs and has a team in the Redditch Triples league.


The Club plays in the walled garden at Stevens Park, Wollescote.  The post code is: DY9 7JG

Also shown on this page are the details of our Away venues.

About the Club

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Important Notice

Coronavirus Pendemic  COVID-19

Following the Government’s recent relaxation of the restrictions regarding sports such as tennis, golf and Bowls, Dudley MBC have reopened access to the Bowls Clubs providing we follow the guidelines set out by Bowls England.

The Bowls England guidance is very specific regarding recommencement of Bowling activities whilst maintaining social distancing and we have devised a system for Crystal Bowls Club accordingly.

We are suggesting a start date of Tuesday 2nd June and conditions and procedures to be followed by members of Crystal Bowls Club are as follows:

  • Play will only be allowed on alternate rinks e.g. 1, 3, 5 OR 2, 4, 6 (an empty rink must be kept between rinks that are being played on) with a maximum of 2 players per rink. There must not be more than 6 players on the premises at any one time.


  • There must be an off-site booking system for rink allocation. The club has set up a system for online booking of rinks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between the hours of 2.00pm and 5.00pm which can be accessed at If you do not have internet access please contact Mike McConville (01384 378431) or Paul Grainger (01384 397432)

Start times for each rink will be as follows

Rink 1/2                                Rink 3/4                                           Rink 5/6

2.00pm till 3.00pm             2.30pm till 3.30pm                        3.00pm till 4.00pm


3.30pm till 4.30pm             4.00pm till 5.00pm                         4.30pm till 5.30pm


  • There will be minimum of 30 minutes between allocated time slots to enable players to arrive/depart safely
  • Players should not arrive more than 15 minutes before their allocated time slot to enable everyone to maintain social distancing. (minimum 2 meters apart)
  • No visitors/spectators to be admitted to the club. Gate to be locked during play.
  • Members can book only one rink each week to ensure that the available capacity is distributed fairly. Bookings will be limited to one per household per week. However, If, by lunchtime on the day of play there is a vacant slot, members may make an additional booking
  • There will be NO access to the pavilion or changing rooms.
  • There will be a table in the equipment shed with the diary (for direction of play guidance) sanitizer wipes (for the equipment) and hand sanitizer for members’ use.

To minimise the risk of infection, only essential items (as below) should be utilised during any session:

  • Mats
  • Jacks
  • Rink numbers
  • Bowls

The following equipment is not deemed essential at this time and will not be available for use:

  • Scoreboards
  • Bowls pushers
  • Ditch markers
  • Distance markers

Hands and any club equipment you use (including bowls, jacks, mats and rink numbers) must be sanitized before and after play – do not assume that the person before you has sanitised the equipment thoroughly

Playing the game

You should only play with people from your own household or by yourself or, as long as you stay two metres apart, with one other person from outside your household

Do not shake hands before, during or after a game

Only one player should handle the mat during the session

Two jacks (one at each end) should be used and this should be set / placed by one player only throughout the session

Do not touch your opponents’ bowls with your hands

Avoid measuring

When you leave

When you finish playing, change your shoes and leave the club immediately – ensuring that you have sanitised all equipment used and that the club is secure (as applicable)

General advice

Do not go to the club if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or a high temperature.

Dress appropriately before you get to the club – change shoes immediately before and after your game

Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household only – do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household.

If anyone wants coaching, one on one coaching would be permitted whilst respecting social distancing.  Contact Ken (01384 381656) or Trevor (01562 885235) for details.

Finally:- The committee is aware that not all members will want to or be able to take advantage of this opportunity for very limited Bowls activity and wish to reassure members that all subs paid for this year will be carried over to next year as we previously stated and there will be no other fees to be paid by members this season.

Bowls England will issue further advice as restrictions are relaxed and we will inform all members of any changes as they happen.

Booking Site:





Stourbridge Crystal Bowls Club is an outdoor flat green bowls club.   We play in the walled garden in Stevens Park, Wollescote.   Follow the links above to other pages to find out more detail about our history, the matches we play, our internal competitions and the Club's social events.

Are you interested in Bowling?

No initial charges are made for new bowlers so why not give it a try?

We welcome new bowlers, male and female, of all ages.

Come and join us on a Tuesday afternoons 1:45 - 5 pm during the season ( April through to September).

All you need is a pair of smooth soled shoes or trainers.   All other equipment including coaching is initially provided.

For further details about bowling ring our Captain Ken on 01384 381656 or the Secretary Paul on 01384 397432